Lee Majors Interview - Home & Family

Lee Majors Interview

Legendary action star Lee Majors stops by to chat with Mark and Debbie about his upcoming film “Do You Believe?” coming out on March 20th. Lee talks about what it was like to star alongside Cybill Shepherd and Mira Sorvino in the film. Lee also talks about his roles on such classic television hits like “Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Fall Guy,” where he even performed some of his own dangerous stunts.

DIY Jewelry Holders

Kym Douglas shows you how easy it is to make your own whimsical jewelry holder. This entire do it yourself project will cost you as little as five dollars! Especially a great deal when similar jewelry holders can cost you as much as $75.

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Contouring Make-Up

Make-up artist Angela Lanter brings her skills to Home & Family to show viewers at home how to get that perfect contouring make-up look! Angela explains that the contour look works great on women wanting to play up on their features. She demonstrates on Kym, Paige and Tanya just how easy the process it is.

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History and Chemistry of Corned Beef - Home & Family

History and Chemistry of Corned Beef

Self-described Food Nerd Dan Kohler is back in the Home & Family kitchen to talk about the history and chemistry of corned beef. Corned beef actually means salted beef “corns of salt” and is brined and cured with nitrates and other spices for 10 days before it is actually cooked. He prepares corned beef for everybody to enjoy in honor of St Patrick’s Day!

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What Do Your Socks Say About You?

Lifestyle expert Lawrence Zarian is ready to talk socks and particularly what your socks will say about you. Socks can be ribbed, glittered, patterned, tie-dyed and more! Lawrence thinks socks are a great way to show a lighter side of who you are.

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James Tupper Interview

Actor James Tupper sits down with Home and & Family to talk about his role on the ABC drama “Revenge.” When it comes to acting, he channels real life experiences to portray his characters. James also talks about parenthood now that he’s the father of two young sons with partner Anne Heche.
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Women’s Heart Health

Nieca Goldberg MD from the Joan H Tisch Center for Women’s Health talks about women’s heart health. She says more women die of a heart attack every year than men, a statistic that has been around since 1994. She explains that women’s heart attack symptoms are shortness of breath, fatigue and stomach discomfort. Risk factors are high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. High cholesterol and elevated triglycerides are also risk factors. Nieca recommends regular doctor visits and a Mediterranean style diet for optimal heart health.

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DIY Fantasy Baby Nest - Home & Family

DIY Baby Fantasy Baby Nest

Tanya Memme shows you how to make an Anne Geddes-inspired Easter egg photo shoot with simple steps. This is the perfect do it yourself project for Easter photos. You can purchase all the materials needed at your local craft store. Debbie’s infant daughter Alexandra had her own photo shoot on Tanya’s Baby Nest creation.

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Photography Tips - Home & Family

Mark’s Photography Tips

Mark is here to help you get that picture perfect baby photo! Mark gives you tips on getting your baby comfortable, getting the right lighting, and notes what lens you should be using for the photo shoot. Mark shows the audience how he photographed a very cute Alexandra earlier in the day.

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Do It Yourself Curb Appeal - Home & Family

DIY Curb Appeal

Shirley Bovshow is back and joined by Paige Hemmis to give your house some curb appeal. Potential buyers will always notice overall appearances of the house’s exterior and the landscaping. To improve the house’s appearance, paint the exterior. Mulch and gravel are great inexpensive materials that increase the exterior appearance as a whole.

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