Tanya’s Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters


-2 slices of bread
-Turkey meat (for snout)
-Eggs (for eyes)
-Olives (for eyes)
-Salami (for tongue)
-Bell peppers

-Vanilla frosting or Cream Cheese (to hold the eyes)
-Mini M&Ms

-Make a sandwich
-Cut the ends to make the wings
-Slice Cucumbers and Olives for teh eyes
-Almonds for the mustache
-Cucumbers, tomatoes and pretzels for the tree

-1/2 banana sliced at the top
-Craft eyes
-plain yogurt for the ocean

Monster Face
-Make a sandwich
-Eggs for eyes
-Shredded Cheese for hair
-Cucumbers for teeth
-Salami tongue

-Use a lid to cut bread into a circle
-Use a cookie cutter to make the feathers
-Eggs and Olives for the eyes
-Cut bell peppers for the beak

Tanya Memme’s Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

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