Dylan Neal chats about the new Season of Cedar Cove

Dylan Neal Interview

Dylan Neal joins Mark and Cristina to talk about his Hallmark Channel Original Series, “Cedar Cove.” A lot is happening on the show, including a love triangle, which Dylan talks more about. In a small world coincidence, Dylan went to the same Canadian high school as his co-star Colin Ferguson and his wife once had a crush on him! He jokes about the irony with the audience. After his interview, Dylan takes questions from Facebook fans at home!
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“You’re Eating it Wrong,” with Dan Pashman

Dan Pashman Cooks

The host of Cooking Channel’s “You’re Eating it Wrong,” Dan Pashman joins Cristina in the kitchen to show you how to eat everyday foods the right way. Dan wants people to heighten their food experience and he starts with showing Home & Family how to eat spaghetti and meatballs. Dan also shows you the proper way of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Thinning Hair

Kym Douglas has offered to help out Matt Rogers and his thinning hair problem. Matt is tired of spending all the money on thinning hair products every single day. Kym gives him a list of new products available and even suggests he can shave his head. Celebrity hairstylist, Dean Banowitz shows Matt how to get a close shave with his hair without getting extreme. Later on, Matt gives the big reveal of his new hairstyle and admits he feels liberated.

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America’s Next Weatherman

TV Personality and Judge on “America’s Next Weatherman” Jillian Barberie talks about her experiences working weather and what is like being a judge on a reality show. Jillian has experienced all types of extreme weather and lived to tell about it. The winner of “Funny or Die Presents America’s Next Weatherman” receives $100,000 and a shot to do CNN’s weather report, as well as an agent. Jillian jokes that instead of judging, she might try out for the show!
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How To Maximize your Social Security Benefits

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Financial Expert Harvey Warren wants you to know how to maximize your social security benefits. He recommends for going to to open an account and find your social security information. You should always monitor your earnings once a year, as well. He also recommends asking if you can claim spousal benefits on your spouse or ex-spouse.

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Tanya Memme’s Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

Lunch Ideas for Picky Eaters

Tanya Memme has a list of fun ideas for parents who are raising picky eaters. Turning your food into cute little designs is a fun and clever way to get your children to eat them. All you really need are cookie cutters, food products and a big imagination. It is also a great way to bring parents and children closer together.

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How to Give Back Without Spending a Dime

Jeanette Pavini talks about the various ways you can give back to society without having to spend money, just time. She learned of this from her late father who was a member of the Lion’s Club organization that helped those in need for 54 years. Her father also instilled in her that it feels just as good to donate time as it does to donate money.

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Maria Provenzano’s DIY Marbled Jewelry Dish

DIY Marbled Jewelry Dish

Maria Provenzano shows you how to make your very own marbled jewelry dish using supplies you find at your local craft store. She emphasizes to make sure the clay you are using is “oven-bake” safe so it doesn’t melt.

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