Tanya’s DIY Cardboard Playhouse


  • Cardboard slabs (or old refrigerator box)
  • Paint (ask for sample colors to save money)
  • Exacto knife
  • Duct tape
  • Cereal boxes/cracker boxes/oatmeal canister
  • Scissors

To create structure:

  1. Paint slabs of cardboard
  1. Trace out areas like windows and door
  1. For help creative that curve in the door and (shingles) use a plate to help
  1. Using an exacto knife cut out windows and doors
  1. Tape slabs of cardboard together to construct shape
  1. Add velcro to the wall flap to allow it to break down and store easily

To create roof:

  1. Using one slab of cardboard trace out scallops
  1. Draw a line from top to bottom and score your cardboard before folding over to fit roof

* Measurements will vary

Roof total inches of cardboard 38”
30x30 with 4” corners

For house structure:
Top 29”
36” sides
Door height 20”
door 14” width
29” bottom

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