Patrick Fabian Interview

Actor Patrick Fabian talks to Mark and Cristina about his new hit show “Better Call Saul.” Patrick has been an actor for the last 20 years and jokes about seeing the same actors in the same auditions throughout the years. Since his new show is the prelude to the show “Breaking Bad” he admits he had to binge-watch every season before starting to film “Better Call Saul.” He admits that he and his wife were hooked after one episode!

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Beef Cannelloni with Taleggio Sauce

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina works her magic in the Home & Family kitchen, cooking Beef Cannelloni with Taleggio Sauce. Cristina advises that you don’t have to use taleggio cheese for the sauce, you can use fontina cheese. Patrick joins Cristina in the kitchen as her “whisker” for the sauce!

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DIY Cardboard Playhouse

Tanya Memme shows you how to make your very own playhouse using a cardboard box and simple paints. Using old cereal boxes, you can even create cute little flower boxes! The best part about the playhouse is that it is so easy to take down and store when playtime is over!

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Sean Giambrone Interview

One of the stars from the ABC comedy “The Goldbergs,” Sean Giambrone talks to Mark and Cristina about his hilarious role. Sean auditioned for the role after he was already in LA doing voice-over work and four days later, he was shooting the pilot! Sean plays the role of the show creator Adam Goldberg, when he was a kid in the 80’s. Sean admits that he felt pressure playing the character, but Adam has been so great with coaching him.

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Perfect Pet Sitter

Perfect Pet Sitter

Pet Lifestyle Expert Laura Nativo gives you tips on how to find the perfect pet sitter. Laura encourages you to use referrals when it comes to finding a pet sitter. Treat your pets the same way you would treat your child when looking for a responsible person to watch over them.

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Ducolax Presents the Importance of Early Screenings for Colorectal Cancer

Dr. David Rosenfeld stops by to talk about colorectal cancer. He encourages people to have a routine colonoscopy because that can reduce death from colorectal cancer by over 50%  The doctor says you should start the cancer screenings at the age of 50, unless you have a history in your family of colon cancer, then you should start your screenings at 40. Symptoms of colon cancer include blood in the stool, stomach pain and abnormal weight loss. The makers of Ducolax support Colon Cancer Alliance Community Screening Programs. The doctor also encourages ways to combat colon cancer are an increase of fiber and water in your diet, regular exercise and eat higher amounts of antioxidants.

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2D Room Planner

Paige Hemmis shows you how to create your own 2D planner using materials you can find at your local craft or hardware store. She says this is a perfect idea for someone who is about to move and may be unclear about how much room they will have for their furniture. She wants the room the work for you!

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Decorative Food Garnishes

Decorative Food Garnishes
Cristina shows you how to add some extra pizazz to your plate by creating fun decorative garnishes. She makes carrot flowers, cucumber flowers and chocolate drippings. She even lets Sean help her out in the kitchen!

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Makeover Monday

Debbie is here for Makeover and today’s recipient is Lorraine Myers who is a single mom raising a daughter and a son with autism and cerebral palsy. She is also helping care for her elderly father. Her daughter recommended her for the makeover with the Glam Squad and they work their magic! Lorraine loves her new look.
A special thank you to the Glam Squad:

Heather Zweigel, Stylist:

Tiphareth Star, Hairstylist at Ken Paves Salon: @TiparethStar

Stephanie Navarro, Makeup Artist:

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