Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers team up to bring you a fun DIY that will make you the hit of your next tailgating party.


  • Cooler
  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Nail gun
  • Wood glue
  • Hinges
  • Bottle opener

DIY Tailgating Cooler - Home & Family


Have your local hardware store pre-cut the wood to the specific dimensions to fit your cooler. All sizes of are subjective to the specific size of your cooler.


1. Measure the dimensions of your cooler.

2. Measure and pre-cut (8) boards for your legs to 40 inches each.

3. Building legs: First glue two boards together. Using a nail gun, nail the boards in place. Repeat process for all four legs.

4. Building base: Connect pre-assembled legs by gluing and nailing (4) boards cut to 15 ½ inches (subjective to the specific size of your cooler) on each side and (4) boards cut to 25 ½ on the front and back. Screw legs into place with base.

5. Flip legs and base upside down.

6. Glue, nail and screw (4) boards cut to 27 inches (subjective to the specific size of your cooler) to the bottom of base.

7. Building glue bottom shelf: Glue, nail and screw (4) boards to form frame of bottom shelf. Spacing out evenly, glue and nail (4) boards on top of the bottom shelf frame.

8. Insert spacers to hold bottom shelf in place.

9. Drop pre-built bottom shelf into frame. Glue, nail and screw bottom shelf to frame.

10. Flip base right side up.

11. Drop cooler into frame.

12. Create frame for lid specific to size of your cooler and screw into place.

13. Attach lid with frame using hinges.

14. Add optional bottle opener, drain, wheels and decals of your favorite sports team.

15. Enjoy!

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