A great way to recycle an old suitcase.


  • Vintage suitcase
  • Dollhouse windows and doors (optional)
  • Stiff cardboard or plywood
  • Decorative paper
  • 1/2" wood trim
  • Paint


- Remove lining from suitcase

If using door and windows:
- place door and windows in desired position in front of suitcase and trace frame
- using Dremel or jigsaw cut openings
- insert door and windows

If not using door and windows:
- draw location of door and windows with pencil and then hand paint

- cut trim to fit three sides of interior of suitcase and glue in place for floor support
- cut plywood or cardboard to floor size
- glue decorative paper on interior sides of suitcase for wallpaper and on boards for flooring
- slide floors into place.

DIY Suitcase Dollhouse - Home & Family

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