April Parker Jones Interview - Home & Family

April Parker Jones Interview

Actress April Parker Jones sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her show on OWN, “If Loving You is Wrong.” April loves the role of Natalie because she gets to channel her real-life mother role and describes Natalie as the Mama Bear of the group. April says it was her husband that helped her break down emotional walls that she had in the past, much like her character breaking down her own walls on the show.

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Honeycomb Candy - Home & Family

Easter Sweet Treats

Cookbook author Shauna Sever is is in the Home & Family kitchen to make a delicious Easter treat: Honeycomb Candy. Shaun just recently wrote a cookbook called “Sweet Treat” which contains many recipes that require natural sugars instead of white refined sugar. Once fully baked, any broken pieces of honeycomb that are too small to cover in chocolate, can be crumbled up for the top of your ice cream.

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The Kym Fyx

Brenda Kirkus from North Carolina Skypes in with Kym Douglas with questions about how to deal with thinning hair. Before trying any new beauty products, Kym advises you must check with a physician first. Kym suggested Adonia HairAwake, which has 18 Greek essential oils and it will thicken your hair in a period of 45 days and will cost you $65. The Adonia LashAlive and BrowRevive will give you results in 21 days and will cost you $89 each.

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Catherine Bell Interview - Home & Family

Catherine Bell Talks “Good Witch”

Actress Catherine Bell visits Mark and Cristina and chats about her Hallmark Original Series, “Good Witch.” Catherine opens up about her love for the cast. She also feels like she and her character Cassie have a lot in common when it comes to motherhood and how close they are to their children. Catherine is part Iranian and grew up speaking Farsi as a child and now her young son is taking lessons, himself. As a treat, Mark and Cristina send Catherine off with a bowl of her favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip to thank her for stopping by.

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Ballroom Dance as Exercise

Debbie and Ken explore the benefits of taking ballroom dance as a form of exercise. They visit choreographer and entertainer Sonny Fredie Pedersen to give them lessons. Studies have actually shown that dance can approve memory and be a great activity for those with a history of cardiovascular disease. Ken and Debbie demonstrate some of their moves on the Home & Family dance floor.

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Fran Drescher Cooks - Home & Family

Fran Cooks!

Two-Time Emmy Winning actress Fran Drescher chats with Mark and Cristina about reprising her role as the Wicked Stepmother in Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Fran says the play brings the audience such joy and everybody will love it. Fran also just got married and Cristina notes her newlywed glow. After her interview, Fran goes into the Home & Family kitchen and cooks up her famous House Chicken.

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Wiring Your Home for the Future

DIY Expert Karl Champley talks about getting your house ready for the future. He explains that convenience is bliss when it comes to your home. Home automation is the ability to control your home through smart devices. Nowadays, your house smart locks can all be controlled by your phone! Check out Karl's suggested gadgets below:

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, $219

Leeo LED Night-Light $99

Piper Security Camera $199

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DIY Suitcase Dollhouse - Home & Family

Build Your Own Dollhouse

Ken shows you how easy it is to build your very own suitcase dollhouse. First things first, you will need a vintage suitcase. The deeper the suitcase, the larger interior for the rooms. You can easily search vintage stores or online for the perfect vintage suitcase to start your dollhouse.

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