Extreme knitter Jessica Myrowitz is showing you how to turn 40 yards of wool into spring wraps.


  • 100% Merino Wool (40 yards)
  • Oversized Circle Knitting Needles
  • Suede String


1. Using “It’s A..Yummy” 100% merino wool, tie a slip knot

2. Cast on 22 loops. This will be the length of your wrap.

3. Knit stitch the mini wrap (All of the cast on is being held in left hand on your left needle. Go under the loop with right needle. Take yarn and drape over left needle and catch what you just draped with right needle. Step and repeat.)

4. Cast off (When you have two loops on the right needle bring the back over the front and continue knit stitch. Continue until everything is off the needle.)

5. Weave ends into wrap with hands

6. For tassel, use 5 pieces of 7 inch yarn. Tie at the middle with a suede string.

7. Tie onto mini wrap. You will need 4 tassels on each side.

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