Shirley’s Guide to Camellia Plants

Shirley gives you great information about these beautiful plants!


--Native to Japan, China and nicknamed, "winter rose" because they look like roses blooming in the winter!  They bloom through the cold season, and also flower during Valentine’s!

--A slow growing, evergreen plant that can be grown as a shrub, espalier, hedge or even as a tree


--Camellias grow in mild winter areas but special cold hardy varieties such as "Ice Angels" have been bred to survive to -10 degrees

--Plant Camellias in shady spot with well draining, acidic soil

--Keep soil moist at all times and don't allow to dry out

--You can also grow Camellias on patios in containers or brought indoors


Espalliered "Fairy Blush Camellia" Compact grower with deep pink buds and dainty, single, apple blossom colored blooms. Fragrant.

"Chandleri Elegans Variegated Camellia"   Camellia with anemone form, rose pink blooms mottled with white and dark yellow stamens

"Nuccio's Bella Rossa Camellia" Formal, four-inch, crimson red blooms open slowly over a long period

"Kramer's Supreme Camellia" Deep red buds open to Peony-like, rosy-red blooms with a delightful fragrance

"Magnoliaeflora Camellia"  Blush pink, semi-double blooms. Light flowers, dark foliage.

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