Rachel Boston Interview

Actress Rachel Boston talks to Mark and Cristina about her upcoming Hallmark Movies and Mysteries movie “A Gift of Miracles,” premiering on Sunday, February 15th, 9/8c. Rachel talks about how her character doesn’t believe in miracles, but in real life Rachel is a believer. Rachel talks about her own dating life and how she still believes in love at first sight. 

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Rachel Cooks!

After Rachel’s interview, Rachel joins Cristina in the kitchen to cook up her Vegetarian Southern Chili. An added treat is when her mother Brenda and her grandmother, Elvia Skype in. Rachel says the chili brings back memories of snowy nights while growing up in Tennessee.

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Big Bed Reveal

Ken Wingard is ready to reveal his bed that he has been working on all week long including his DIY headboard he built.

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Andrea Navedo Interview

Actress Andrea Navedo stops by to talk about her hilarious comedy hit, “Jane the Virgin”  and what it is like working with Golden Globe-winning actress, Gina Rodriguez. Andrea is also very excited because Rita Moreno is set to guest star this season. The actress also brings a clip from the show for Mark and Cristina to enjoy!

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Kym’s “Kooking Klass”

Kym is back with some “kooking” tips, including how to slice an orange without making a mess, how to peel a potato without a peeler, and how to peel a hard boiled egg without peeling, using the secret ingredient: baking soda.

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Financial Infidelity

Attorney Ann Margaret Carrozza talks about the signs to look out for when it comes to financial infidelity. She advises to always read any forms your spouse gives you, check out each other’s tax statements, and always be aware if your spouse has an extra mail box that you are not aware of. Don’t confront your spouse in anger, confront them with inquisitive questions.

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Rock Climbing with Debbie

Debbie Matenopoulos tries out rock climbing as a form of exercise and shows Home & Family what she learned. She tells Kym that it will help her to conquer her fear of heights. Debbie loves the climb because it works as a great exercise. Debbie can’t emphasize enough that you should always have a trainer with you when first learning.

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Camellia Plants

Shirley Bovshow talks about the variety of Camellia Plants that are now in season. There are up to 3,000 named Camellia varieties. Black and green tea comes from the Camellia “sinensis” species. These plants grow in shade and fertilize with a “slow release” fertilizer during growing season.

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Gorgeous For Good Final Check-In

Sophie Uliano is back for one final check on Kym and Paige to see how they did with the Gorgeous for Good challenge. Paige loved the challenge because it made cooking fun and she was able to get creative with her vegan dishes. Paige says she loves the way she feels. Kym says the biggest change she feels is more clarity and says she didn’t feel the big shift for 20 days. Both women says they definitely have more energy.

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