Savvy Senior Tips with Kym Douglas

Secrets and tips on how to save money on much wanted and/or needed items for the aging (our parents). No need to look or be frumpy!

1. The Walking Cane Store: and 1-888-869-6250
Just because you need a little help walking doesn't mean you can't do it in style!

Offset Canes:

Offset walking canes are designed for comfort and stability, as well as having the ability to adjust in height. Scroll down to see all products. Click on small photo below to view larger photo & complete descriptions. You may also want to view our Palm Grip Handles and our Soft Touch Handle walking canes.

Rhinestone Canes:

Just when you thought that most walking canes were ugly, you now discover that there are hundreds of beautiful canes to give your attire sparkle and shine while still doing the job it was designed for. Our rhinestone series walking canes have the glittering stones added in various locations on the handle or shaft to accent the style. Click on your choice below for a detail description and specifications. "Add a little Sparkle to your Day" Elegant canes for the Elegant Lady! New patterns, styles, and colors highlight our extensive line of walking canes for women. Our new Diamond Series Adjustables comes in straight or folding styles and they're very pretty. You'll want to take your's everywhere you go. No matter what type of cane you require, we have it.

Men's Canes:

Well-dressed men can feel comfortable with the wide variety of beautiful, stylish, and practical men's walking canes available through The Walking Cane Store. Here you will find an unparalleled selection of men's walking sticks and canes for walking through the woods, on steep slopes, as an accoutrement for the opera, a fancy night out on the town, or simply as a good looking aid to help with balance and mobility.

Folding Cane:

Packing for a trip? Folding walking canes are so convenient for men and women. Many will fold up in a compact size to fit in a lady's purse, a car's glove compartment, suitcase, desk drawer, or just about anywhere. Collapsible canes are constructed of high quality materials such as premium grade aluminum and exotic wood. These light-weight canes and walking sticks will give you years of comfort and durability. Our folding walking sticks adjust in length, making them universal and perfect for just about everyone. Look at our huge selection of collapsible walking sticks and put one in your shopping cart today!

Hiking Poles:

..."Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick!"- Hiking Sticks are generally 45-59" in length and assist hikers and walkers with mobility and stability. A walking stick is normally 36" in length (see all our WALKING STICKS here). Some of our new woods are one-of-a-kind, making them extra special! Please browse our inventory below in order to discover the perfect walking sticks and canes for you. Simply select the small photo below to view a larger photo, complete description, and pricing.

Ovation Hearing Aids:
One out of five people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one. There are many different reasons why individuals choose to not address their hearing loss, but the main reason is the cost. Hearing aids on average are $2,000-$8000! Ovation Hearing Aids are around $500! "Hears" why....
At Ovation Hearing, there are no middlemen. In fact, it's their mission to remove the obstacles that prevent people from purchasing a hearing aid.

  • High quality, digital hearing aids.
  • FDA approved – The FDA recently made a change that allows this new, direct-to-consumer model to work.
  • Avg price of $530 compared to $2,000 & up.
  • Ovation offers lifetime support on all hearing aids.
  • Ovation offers Risk-Free 60 trial. If you don't like it for any reason, return for a full refund.
  • Nearly identical technology to the name brand hearing aids recommended by a doctor's office.
  • Can program specifically to a hearing test (audiogram) or offer the same hearing aids with 4 custom program settings that are designed to help 95% of people with hearing loss.
  • 3 styles to fit anyone who has moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • 8 channels.
  • Important to realize that no hearing aid is going to restore someone's hearing. However, they will help most people hear better.

3. Savvy Senior Traveling Tips:
Never book anything without asking if there's a special rate or price cut for seniors. These discounts are not always advertised well (if at all), but they do exist. Some are more generous than others, so do some research. For example, while many hotels offer only 5 to 10 percent off, Marriott properties promise "15 percent or more" for those age 62 or older. Few airlines offer meaningful savings programs, but found that flashing a smile, regardless of age, is often enough to get an upgrade or other perk. You never know unless you ask. Most cruise lines offer a senior discount as long as one person in the cabin is at least 55. One caveat: Don't assume that the senior rate is the absolute lowest! Check any quoted discounts against other offerings (AAA, "best available," early booking) that may be available to you.

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