Paige’s Tips for Wallpaper

Paige breaks down how to put up and remove wallpaper.


  • Removable wallpaper tiles


  •  Scissors
  • Level
  • Metal ruler (optional)
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil

Start by finding a plumb vertical line. Don’t expect your molding or corners to be even, especially in older houses. Always check it to make sure first, so your wallpaper doesn’t wind up skewed. If it isn’t, use your level to draw your own plumb vertical line to use as a starting point.

TIP: Use a very faint pencil line so it doesn’t show through the wallpaper!!

Start by pulling a 2-4″ strip of wallpaper away from its backing. This makes it easier to manage. Pull too much more, and the wallpaper will find a way to stick to itself and make your life harder than it has to be.

Line up the edge of the wallpaper with your plumb line(s), and press it firmly onto the surface.

Once the top is secure, reach up and under the roll to grab the wallpaper backing. Slowly pull it down while you continue pressing the wallpaper onto the wall, smoothing as you go — especially the edges! Sometimes it helps to have one person doing the smoothing, and the second person pulling off the backing paper. 

TIP:  When smoothing, work from the center outwards to push any bubbles to the edge of the paper. Since this paper is so forgiving, you can also lift it back up if you get a particularly large unruly air pocket, then start again.

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