Wrap wine in a beautiful blow.


  • Ribbon with wire
  • Wine Bottle
  • Jump ring (size is roughly equal to the size of your bottle’s neck)


  • Contrasting colored ribbon
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1. Measure your ribbon to fit up both sides, lengthwise of your bottle (much like you would wrap a gift. Ours was about 36 inches long) then add a couple of inches. Do this twice.

2. Criss cross the two ribbons from the bottom of the bottle to the top.

3. Feed the ribbons through the jump ring and fit it over the neck of the bottle. It should fit snuggly onto the bottle. (Ours was a 1.5 inch ring).

4. (Optional) If you don’t want to use a jump ring, you can use a contrasting ribbon to tie around the base of the bottle’s neck.

5. Fluff up the ribbons at the top of the wine bottle and present to your loved ones!

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