Orly's Ombre Newspaper Wreath

Orly Shani is showing you how to turn recycled newspapers into a wreath.


  • Foam Wreath Base
  • Newspapers
  • Pencil or Dowel
  • Spray Paints (we used Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, and White)
Three Winter Wreaths - Home & Family


1. Cut strips of newspaper a little over twice the size of the length you would like them to sit. Roughly 5 - 7 inches.

2. Pre-punch a small hole in the wreath base using your pencil or dowel.

3. Push the middle of the newspaper strip into the pre-punch hole so that both ends of the newspaper strip sticks out. Continue this all the way around your wreath base until you can no longer see any open space.

4. Spray a section of the wreath one color, then continue with the next color lightly overlapping it. Continue with however many colors you’d like to use, each overlapping the next, creating an “ombre” effect. I left a portion of it raw because I liked the look of it but you can go all the way around the wreath if you want to!

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