Orly Shani's DIY Christmas Table Runner

Orly Shani is putting together a festive runner to help make your table pop this holiday season.


  • Holiday Placemats
  • Double-Sided Velcro
  • Glue Gun
  • Sequin Trim
Orly Shani’s DIY Christmas Table Runner - Home & Family


1. Line up placemats end to end to see how many you will need. Keep in mind there will be some overlap.

2. Decide how you wants to position your placemats ( staggered or in a straight line)

3. Attach double-sided velcro to top right side of first mat, then left underside of second, etc...until all placemats can be joined.

4. Using hot glue attach sequin trim or ribbon.

5. Fold gift bow using ribbon and attach with hot glue

6. Connect placemats and lay on table.

7. Add place setting and table scape decor.

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