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Maximize your social security benefits

Maximize your social security benefits

Financial expert Harvey Warren drops by with some helpful advice!

QUESTIONS  -   Five important things to consider when determining how and when to file:

  1. What is my current projected monthly benefit?

  2. Am I married, divorced, widowed or single?

  3. Will I have dependent children at retirement age?

  4. What is the best age for me to retire based on my health and earning capabilities?

  5. What is my estimated longevity?

INFO & TIPS  -   Retirement Sample (estimates based on approx. maximum annuities):
Late filing (age 70) $2400/month

  1. Full filing (age 66/67) $1800/month

  2. Early filing (age 62) $1300/month

  3. Potential 52% LOSS of income (-$246,000 / 30 years) for early retirement


  1. Go to SSA.gov for complete Social Security information

  2. Social Security is the government’s pension funded by your wages.

  3. Spousal benefits may be available whether or not you are retired

  4. Ask “May I claim a spousal benefit on my husband or ex husband”

  5. Social Security is deducted from each paycheck for your retirement

  6. Social Security benefits are for life once you begin receiving them

  7. Early claims draw smaller benefits than full or late retirement, permanently!

  8. Visit LivingTo100.com to estimate your life expectancy

  9. Go to SSA.gov and create your account

  10. Monitor your earnings at least once a year


  1. Open an account and see how you are doing on ssa.gov

  2. Learn about the benefit options single, married, divorced or widowed

  3. Determine when is the best time for you to apply for benefits and understand how make a claim on your spouse to maximize your benefit.

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Contact Harvey at HarveyWarren.com and request the Social Security Quiz.

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