Matt Rogers' Tips for Safe Carving with Your Kids


  1. Dry work surface/towel you're willing to get dirty - don't want the pumpkin to slip and slide while they have a sharp utensil.
  2. Knife choice - Keep the knife small for easier handling and cerated for easier carving. Many kits are sold with the perfect knives for little hands.
  3. Safest cutting - Point the blade away, saw instead of slice, and use gentle/even force.
  4. Cut starter hole from the bottom. The stem is still feeding the pumpkin. It will last longer if you don't cut from the top.

Matt Rogers’ Tips for Kid Friendly Designs:

  1. For the younger ones, concentrate on the mouth. Carve a really creepy mouth and supplement with stickers for the rest of the facial details.
  2. Incorporate the natural features of the pumpkin in your design. Use the stem as "hair" or a "horn." Use any lumps as a "nose" or a "wart."
  3. You don't have to create a creature or face. Use a potato peeler to shave away the negative space to create danger signs, ie "zombies crossing" or "beware!"
  4. Eliminate fire hazard and extend the life of your candle by using led battery powered lights.

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