Michael Gaffney shows you how to add some real beauty to your outdoor dining space with spectacular long and low summer centerpieces.


  • Bowl of water
  • Oasis (Choose from foam bricks or Oasis Raquette)
  • Candles (Choose from Pillar, Taper, Tea Lights)
  • Flowers: (examples: Hydrangea, Roses, Lilies etc.)
  • Greens (choose from available greens in your yard)
  • Wooden planter box
  • Crowning Glory Spray (optional)
Long & Low Summer Centerpieces - Home & Family


1. Pre-soak foam.

2. Layer, low-lying foliage first.

3. Insert flowers.

4. Strategically position candles.

5. Mist your flowers daily to extend the life of the centerpiece.

6. (optional) crowning glory will extend life even longer.

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