Friday, August 30th, 2019

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Adoption Ever After – Lollipop - Home & Family

Adoption Ever After – Lollipop
Meet Lollipop, a five year old pure breed golden retriever. She’s well behaved, loves to nuzzle, and enjoys dogs and people.

Find out more about Lollipop and other adoptable pets at

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Grilled Chicken Thighs with Herb Salsa - Home & Family

Grilled Chicken Thighs with Herb Salsa
Chef and author Matt Moore shows you his foolproof recipe for grilling juicy and flavorful chicken. He also discusses his new cook book, “Serial Griller,” which focuses on perfecting dishes that take 6-12 hours to make and cutting them down to 10-30 minutes.

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Ryan-James Hatanaka & Greg Hovanessian - Home & Family

Ryan-James Hatanaka & Greg Hovanessian
Debbie chats with actors Ryan James-Hatanaka & Greg Hovanessian about their new Hallmark Movies Now original series, “When Hope Calls.” They discuss learning to ride horses for their roles and bonding as a cast outside of filming. New episodes of “When Hope Calls” premiere every Friday on Hallmark Movies Now!

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DIY Accessory Belt
Orly Shani shows you how to make a multipurpose belt that is both functional and stylish. This DIY can be done in different sizes for whatever item you plan to store in the pouch.

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Melissa Claire Egan talks Holiday for Heroes - Home & Family

Melissa Claire Egan
Actress Melissa Claire Egan gets in the Christmas spirit with her Hallmark debut in “Holiday for Heroes,” coming out this Holiday season on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Melissa discusses her upcoming Christmas movie and working on “The Young & the Restless.” She talks about her work with Dharma Rescue, which focuses on rescuing dogs that are disabled or been given up for adoption. They rescue the dogs and train them to be therapy dogs for children and adults with disabilities. She and Cameron also talk about working together on “All My Children.”

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Ken Wingard’s Summer Craft Tool Review - Home & Family

Ken Wingard’s Summer Craft Tool Review
Ken Wingard shares his review on the latest craft tools every DIYer must have. He reviews the pros and cons of a battery operated glue gun, a set of bamboo crochet needles, a die cutting machine, and a two-in-one multipurpose craft tool.

Ryobi Cordless Full Size Glue Gun, Home Depot

Spellbinders Tool N’ One, Amazon

Crochet Hook Combo Set, Amazon

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Adoption Ever After – Cooper
Meet Cooper, a black mouth cur breed who is currently one year old. He has great manners, is very energetic, and gets along with other big dogs.

Find out more about Cooper and other adoptable pets at

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Summer S’mores 2 Ways
Ali Fedotowsky-Manno gives s’mores a fun twist with s’mores popcorn squares and a s’mores pizza. For the s’mores popcorn Ali recommends adding chilled chocolate chunks to avoid getting the mix overly gooey. For the s’mores pizza only cook the dough on one side until slightly browned, that will be the side that will get topped with the ingredients before placing it back on the grill.

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Long & Low Summer Centerpieces - Home & Family

Summer Nights Florals
Michael Gaffney shows you how to add some real beauty to your outdoor dining space with spectacular long and low summer centerpieces. Use an “oasis raquette” as a base for longer centerpieces for a flat low look. Add pillar candles to create vertical lines.

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Rachel Barcellona
Miss Florida Pageant queen and disabilities advocate Rachel Barcellona and her mother Barbara stop by the show! The two discuss how Rachel became involved in beauty pageants and how the events helped her after she was diagnosed with Autism as a young child.

Find out more about Rachel at

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DIY Holiday Stone Décor
Paige Hemmis shows you how simple items in your backyard can be transformed into the cutest Christmas décor. It’s fine to decorate on the matting because the glass from the frame won’t be used.

Get the Instructions for the Frame Décor >>

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Viewer Mail
Orly, Paige, Larissa answer viewer mail. Orly shows you a solution to properly care and store your purses. Paige provides a solution to cleaning out rust stains out of your concrete patio using white vinegar. Larissa provides tips for your cat’s litter box, she lists 4 types of cat litter clay, crystal, grass, and recycled paper pellets that may work best for your cat.