Ken Wingard’s DIY Holiday Gnomes


  • Felt
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Yarn
  • Old pantyhose
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue/Sewing machine
  • Pins


  1. Cut triangle of felt and glue to make hat place on head.
  1. Cut rectangles of felt, glue panty hose ball onto one end, fold over and glue sides tougher.
  1. Add decorative stitching.
  1. Cut 3 pieces of pantyhose.
  1. Wrap 3 cotton balls with panty hose and tie with yarn.
  1. Cut about 10 3”inch pieces of yarn to make the hair.
  1. Sew/glue hair between two felt pieces.
  1. Wrap around felt piece to make cloak and glue/pin into place.
  1. Pin/glue beard, hat eyes, and arms into place.
  1. Add accessories - stick, bag, buttons, etc.
DIY Holiday Gnomes - Home & Family

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