Amazing Race Winners

Host Phil Keoghan and season 27 “Amazing Race” winners Joey Buttitta and Kelsey Gerckens join Home & Family to talk about their experiences on the show. The pair talk about how working in television as local newscasters helped them to do well in the competition. Mark shows off a highlight reel of the two in their adventures, and they then talk about some of their favorite moments. Joey and Kelsey talk about how their friendship blossomed into a romance, and that they have been dating for two years. The two actually got to participate in a Hindu wedding ceremony and they share a clip from the event. To everyone’s surprise, Joey then gets down on one knee and pops the question! Kelsey accepts his proposal and their family members come to the stage from the audience and they all share celebratory hugs and kisses.
“The Amazing Race’ kicks off its 28th competition Feb. 12 on CBS.

DIY Holiday Gnomes - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Gnomes

Ken Wingard returns to the craft room with a holiday DIY  that is perfect for your home. Gnomes in Scandinavian folklore are Santa’s helpers, and so the idea of gnomes originated in Europe. Using materials from your local craft store, you can create these for just about $6 each!

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Gia Russo Talks Foodstirs - Home & Family

Gia Russo and Foodstirs
Gia Russo, the co-creator of Foodstirs joins Mark and Cristina in the kitchen to talk about the concept for
the company and what Foodstirs is all about. She shares about how she developed the recipes, and stresses that this is a great way for family members to bond and re-connect with each other. She shows off the Brownie Snowflakes Kit which includes all ingredients, instructions and decorative supplies. The family members love them!

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Holiday Fashion for You and Your Pet - Home & Family

Debbie and Laura on Holiday Fashion for your pet!
Debbie Matenopoulos and Laura Nativo team up to show and tell
fabulous holiday looks for your furry friends! For different events
you will want to be cozy, chic or comfy! Laura brings out Preston
for the fashion show, and Debbie describes the three different looks
for the pets and their humans! Finally, Laura introduces Mississippi
from who is looking for his forever home.

Find the dog and human fashions featured here:

Laura Nativo's outfit by and cape by Forever21

Top Paw Light Up Christmas Sweater,
Christmas Beanie by Petite Chic Pooch,
Santa’s Elf Dog Costume,
Red Dropseat Onesie, PajamaGram.Com
Peppermint Hoodie,

Go to to adopt Mississippi!

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Last Minute Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - Home & Family

Hostess Gifts from Edible Arrangements
Cristina demonstrates beautiful gifts that you can bring for hostesses
at holiday parties. Ideas include diffusers and organic soaps wrapped in
cellophane and ribbons. Another way to wrap items in burlap and tie them
with raffia ribbon. Cristina also emphasizes that so many holiday food gifts
contain lots of sugar, instead she prefers to give fresh fruit!

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Decoding Men’s Facial Shapes

Relationship expert Dr. Kimberly Moffit joins the show to discuss how facial shapes actually tie into personality traits. She walks the audience through four different face types including square, oblong,  round and oval. Mark and Joey both fall into this category and Dr. Moffit calls this the “family man” type who focuses on social relationships and can see two sides of a story.

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Glitter Hair - Home & Family

DIY Glitter Hair Trends
Celebrity stylist Robby LaRiviere joins the show to showcase the hottest hair trend of 2015! Purchase small packs of glitter and blend the colors together. Add some soft hair gel and blend with a tinting paintbrush. Robby demonstrates by painting the glitter mixture onstage with Lily as his model! It creates a fun and dynamic look and it was very easy to achieve. It is easy to wash out as well. He then shows a more subtle look on Gabby by painting on golds and rose that are closer to her natural hair color. He shows off other hair products include Glitter clip-ins for $4-$6 and Lea Journo Lumiere Spray.

To make the glitter you will need:

1. Empty Pots (with lids). Re-use old Manic Panic hair dye pots.

2. Regular Craft Glitter. Buy tubes of glitter in a multi-pack from the local $2 shop.
3. Classic Hair Gel. Not the kind that goes flakey. It needs to dry hard. Use Fudge Urban Coconut Rush Power Gel. Cost about $4.

4. Tint Brushes. A tint brush is ideal, but any wide paint brush will also work. You will need one brush per color if you don’t want to keep rinsing your brush.
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