Ken shows an artistic way to present objects that represent your interests


  • Ordinary object(s)
  • Shadow Box
  • Paint (spray, brush or dip)
  • Felt fabric (optional)
  • Glue (hot glue or other)
  • Matte (optional)
Ken Wingard’s DIY Chic Wall Art - Home & Family


1. Choose the arrangement you want and roughly lay it out on the shadow back backing

2. Position Matte in shadow box so it is visible from the front

3. Daub glue on each corner (against the side walls) to hold matte in place

4. Cut fabric to fit (if desired)

5. Paint object

6. Let dry

7. Daub hot glue on points to secure on backing

8. Let dry

9. Fix back onto shadow box and hang

TIP: Ordinary objects make an artistic statement about personal interests
Pencils for a writer; paintbrushes for an artist; potato peelers for a chef; wrenches for a mechanic etc.

TIP: Choose multiple objects with similar size, look and presence

TIP: Shadowboxes are available at most craft stores, like

TIP: Spray, dip or brush paint to achieve the desired effect

TIP: Use contrasting colors for object & backing to create a dramatic result

TIP: Heavier objects may need a reinforced anchor and/or backing

TIP: Adding a matte to the frame focuses attention to the objects within

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