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Erin Krakow Interview
Star of “When Calls the Heart” Erin Krakow returns to Home & Family to talk about the show! The season premiere is this Sunday, February 21st at 9/8c. Erin is happy to share a clip from an upcoming episode where Jack helps Elizabeth move into her new place. The Hearties in the audience are thrilled to watch the sneak peek at the new season. The actress shares that her character Elizabeth has really grown up and is her own woman now. Erin shares photos from an upcoming episode in which Elizabeth and Jack are doing some outdoor camping, and says that she feels this is the show’s strongest season yet. Erin then shares a few personal stories, including about her experience getting her wisdom teeth pulled! Don’t miss the season 3 premiere of When Calls the Heart this Sunday on Hallmark Channel!

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches - Home & Family

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches
Chef Elise Strachan, host of YouTube’s “My Cupcake Addiction” joins Cristina in the kitchen prepare a sweet treat! Growing up, the chef was not permitted to eat much sugar, and shares that during childhood she was given $1 each Saturday morning to buy something sweet. She enjoys making oversized candy cakes as well as giant candy bars. Elise’s passion can be explored on her website, My Cupcake Addiction, and is known for amazing and creative desserts. The family members love the cool and creamy recipe.

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Orly Shani’s DIY Tassel Earrings - Home & Family

Orly’s DIY Tassel Earrings
Orly Shani features a DIY that is on trend- tassel earrings. Orly originally saw this look on Instagram and then on celebrities like Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman. She explains that this look can cost as much as $400 per pair, while making it yourself can cost as little as $4. All that is required are earring hooks, tassels and pliers which can be purchased at almost any fabric store. One way to wear this look is by creating tassel earrings, or by simply adding the tassel to earrings that you already own.

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Mark Ballas and BC Jean Interview
Singers and couple Mark Ballas and BC Jean grace the Home & Family stage to perform their song “Roses and Violets” for the audience! The couple talks about how they met and how for Mark, it was ‘love at first sound.’ The pair are engaged and share the story of Mark’s creative proposal which included lots of 1960s ambience and family members! The couple also introduce their adopted dog, Hendrix who joins them onstage. Finally, Mark and BC perform their song.

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Kym and Cristina’s Kitchen Organization Hacks
Kym and Cristina share a video of Cristina’s recent visit to Kym’s new kitchen!
The two went through the kitchen drawers and cabinets and re-prioritized of where items are stored for everyday or occasional use. Lazy susans are helpful under the kitchen sink for accessing hard to reach items. Maximize cupboard space by stacking pots and storing the lids vertically. Also, you can use magazine racks to stack food cans in your pantry!

Ken Wingard’s DIY Chic Wall Art - Home & Family

Ken’s DIY Chic Wall Art
Ken shows off a way to highlight the things you are passionate about by turning them into a decoration for your home! You can turn your everyday objects into art by using composition, color and scale to display them in a unique fashion. Ken shares that groupings of odd numbers of items is key, as well as the repetition of putting things in a line is also important. This project utilizes shadowboxes which are available at craft stores, along with a matte, paint and brushes! Erin Krakow lends a hand and the results are beautiful.

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Marcia Gay Harden Interview
The Oscar award winning actress joins Home & Family to talk about her show “Code Black” which airs on Wednesdays on CBS at 10/9c. The actress won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the movie “Pollock” and recalls the special evening that she won. Her parents were there and she recalls that her father was roaring “Bravo!” so loudly from the audience that nearby attendees had to settle him down. She fondly shares memories from her childhood about her mother, who she says ‘exploded’ into womanhood when their family moved to Japan. While there Marcia’s mother, a very polite Texan, discovered the art of Ikebana, which is flower arranging, which really brought out the artist in her. Mark asks about Marcia’s no-nonsense character on Code Black, and the actress describes her as “a boss.” The three watch an intense clip from the show! Cristina presents a floral gift to Marcia in the style of her mother’s work. The season finale of “Code Black” airs Wednesday, February 24th on CBS.

Shirley Fix: Tiny Patio
Garden expert Shirley Bovshow has practical advice for viewer Jennifer Clark who wants to elevate the design and functionality of her tiny patio! First they take a close look at the space which is cluttered with a large arbor and is only accessed through a small laundry room door. Shirley shows off her vision which includes adding glass patio doors, evening out the patio slab, adding garden beds and making the arbor a focal piece.

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Loyalty Cards 101 - Home & Family

Loyalty Cards
Jeanette Pavini is on the show to talk about the benefits of reward and loyalty cards. She shows off a few systems to demonstrate how these work. Plenti for example, works with several big stores to earn points. However, some stores in this category reward you differently if you use your credit card instead of cash. Also, some points expire, so be sure to know the policy. Jeanette advises the audience to be a savvy shopper and look for opportunities to combine rewards.

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