Ken & Paige's DIY Wall Mounted Chess Board


  • Ordinary globe
  • Primer
  • Pencil to trace the continents
  • Paint
    (For Oceans, Continents, Latitude/Longitude Markings, Titles, Personal locations)
  • Tracing paper (optional)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rubber gloves


  1. Prepare the globe.
    First, get a globe. You can use an inexpensive globe but it’s best to find one that has raised continents, or you have to trace the continents first.
  2. Mask off the stand and hardware.
  3. Note: (you may need to trace continents before priming if your continents are not raised).
  4. Paint globe completely with primer.
  5. Paint oceans & continents (if you can’t make out the continents, draw the outlines from a map or your tracing.
  6. Mark the lines for longitude and latitude (optional).
  7. Lettering the continents & oceans (use your own handwriting).
  8. Special markings for personalization (use circles, add stars or other personal markings).
  9. Tip: You can use chalkboard paint for continents and oceans add temporary items.

Ken Wingard’s DIY Mounted Chess Board

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