Jeanette Pavini’s Holiday Spending Hangover

Emmy-award winning consumer reporter Jeanette Pavini gives you some helpful tips when it comes to monitoring your spending habits this holiday season.

  1. Price Adjustments: Dig out all of your receipts and check to see if the price has gone down. Many stores will adjust the price within 7-14 days.
  2. Cash in Rewards: Many credit card reward programs will let you cash in your rewards directly towards the amount you owe. You’ve probably racked up quite a few with all of your holiday spending, so why not put it directly back to the debt you’ve accumulated.
  3. Put Your Credit Card Away: Stop spending money you don’t have. Stick to cash for the rest of your holiday purchases. If you don’t have any left to spend, then it might be time to stop.
  4. Reassess and Return: Many retailers have extended return policies throughout the holiday season. So if you feel like you may have overspent, review your purchases and make some returns.



  1. Avoid Instant Credit at all costs: they’ll try to entice you with a discount on all purchase for that day. Remember that every time you get your credit checked, you are dinging your credit score. That can rack up interest rates on future purchases like car or home loans
  2. Avoid Extended Warranties: If you do feel as if you need one, then don’t pay more than 10% of the purchase price for a warranty. Check your credit card to see if there is an extended warranty clause.

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