Stars from "The Librarians" Stop By to Talk About Their Hit Show
Lindy Booth and John Kim talk to Mark and Cristina about their new hit show on TNT, ‘The Librarians.’ The actors are all gearing up for their Christmas special episode which airs on December 21st. Both actors talk about their quirky characters and even show Mark and Cristina a clip from the show.

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Chef Jason Roberts Shares Some Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes
Get ready to salivate. Chef and author of “Good Food Fast!” Jason Roberts stops by with some delicious and healthy recipes like crispy-skinned salmon with cauliflower, white beans, and arugula and he also prepares creamy rice pudding with orange and butter toasted almonds. Jason talks about the benefits of a gluten-free diet which includes aiding the digestive system and increasing energy levels. Aside from cooking, Jason also has a passion of supporting the program, No Kid Hungry, by raising money for the charity.

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DIY Expert Ken Wingard Makes Some Fun Hallmark Wrapping Paper Crafts
Ken Wingard gives out some helpful DIY projects you can do with Hallmark wrapping paper. Ken makes a Hallmark paper wall plaque and a santa cookie table. All supplies can easily be found at your local art supply store and all of the wrapping paper can be found at your nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store. Each project is very easy and festive!

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Karen Halligan and Sam Nicholson Talk About Working with Animals
Emmy-award winning special effects wiz Sam Nicholson stops by with veterinarian Karen “Doc” Halligan to talk about the upcoming Hallmark Channel “Kitten Bowl” commercial and what it is like to work with animals. Sam talks about his green screen talents, including making a commercial to look like it has 80,000 cats and dogs in a giant stadium. Karen reminds the audience just how important it is to rescue cats and dogs out of the shelter, especially just in time for the holidays.

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Kevin Talks About His Role on "Sirens"
Actor Kevin Daniels stops by to talk about his drama, “Sirens” which is about to premiere its second season on January 27th, 10/9c  on the USA Network. Kevin opens up about his theatre background, including playing Magic Johnson in the Broadway play, “Magic/Bird.” Kevin even got to meet Magic Johnson and described what a presence the basketball star has. Kevin discusses his holiday plans, which include spending time with family.

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Coleen Christian Burke Makes DIY Pop-Up Ornaments
White House Decorator and Author of “Christmas with the First Ladies,” Coleen Christian Burke stops by to make DIY pop-up Christmas ornaments. Coleen also chats about the White House holiday decorations and how this year’s theme was  “A Children’s Winter Wonderland.” She tells Mark and Cristina that the White House decorations are all put up in just three days! First Lady Michelle Obama worked closely with Coleen when it came to decorating the White House and the results were fabulous. Aside from decorating rooms, Coleen also decorated over 50 Christmas trees in the house.

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Paige Hemmis and Laura Nativo Make the Perfect Gingerbread Dog Cabin
Lifestyle Design Expert, Paige Hemmis and Pet Lifestyle Expert Laura Nativo come up with the perfect Gingerbread Dog Cabin. First things first, you need to start off with a plain dog crate. After, decorate the crate, making it festive for the holidays. The decorations can also be used as chew toys for the dogs, too. Laura suggests to crate your pets during holiday parties at your house, but always remember to walk them and play a good game of fetch beforehand so the dog feels rested and relaxed when it comes to crate time.

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Jeanette Pavini Gives Advice on Holiday Spending Hangovers
Emmy award winning Consumer Reports Reporter Jeanette Pavini offers up helpful tips to avoid and cure that holiday spending hangover. She advises consumers to keep a running tally of their spending during the holidays. When shopping, it helps to leave your credit card at home so you are not tempted to do unnecessary shopping and you are spending the money you already have. Jeanette also suggests consumers to use their debit cards when shopping online and always make sure you are purchasing from a secure site.

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Fashion Expert Lawrence Zarian is Back with Great Gift Ideas
Author and Fashion Expert Lawrence Zarian shows Cristina and Mark some fabulous gift ideas that will definitely make a statement. More is more, but Lawrence says you can go big and still be on a budget. Creative and thoughtful gifts are the way to go. Lawrence also suggests great coffee table books because it is also very personal and won’t break the bank.

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Lt. Jessica Sneed Visits to Talk About the Salvation Army
Lieutenant Jessica Sneed sits down with Cristina and Mark to talk about the Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family program. When it comes to items needed this year, toys and monetary donations for food are in high demand for families. Some families also have other needs like socks, blankets, and heaters. Mark and Cristina announce they are participating and adopting a family for the holidays. Jessica tells them about their new “family” who will be popping by the show next week.

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