Shirley Bovshow is showing you how to care for your ivy with these DIYs.

Materials for Ivy Condition Demo #1

  • Ivy
  • Tub of water
  • Pruning shears

Indoor Ivy Watering Demo #2

  • Ivy plant
  • Baggie
  • Tub of water

Directions for Ivy Condition Demo #2

1. Whether you buy your ivy or you get it from your yard, put the stems in water immediately!

2. Hydrate your ivy before using it by cutting the bottom of the stem and submerging it in a tub of water so that it can draw water in from the leaves and stems- leave for 1 to 3 hours, cut stem again, and put in a bucket with cool water.

3. If your stems are woody, use a mallet or hammer and mash bottom of the stem so it can take up water easier.

4. After you complete your arrangement, spray the ivy with an anti-drying spray like Wilt Pruf.

Directions for Indoor Ivy Watering Demo #2

1. Holds ivy plant with baggie around the root area (So soil won’t spill out)

2. Flip plant upside down, submerge stems in water

3. Swirls stem of plant around in tub of water.

4. Repeat every two weeks.

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