A great way to save money.

How To Take Care Of/Preserve Your Clothing

  1. Eliminate the moisture in your closet with hanging moisture satchels.
  2. Moths are the #1 culprits that destroy our clothes and unfortunately we don't know that they are there until it is too late.  Moths LOVE moisture and usually attack areas around the belly and the armpits.  From cedar chips/balls, to lavender satchels, protect your clothing from these wardrobe destroyers for just a few dollars.
  3. Instead of taking your wardrobe to the dry cleaners for every small spill or stain, just erase the stain away with these super affordable and efficient "instant fixes!"  the items are all under $5.00 and for just pennies, you can remove a stain and save the $$ you would normally spend on dry cleaning your garments.

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