Erin Krakow Interview - Home & Family

Erin Krakow Interview
Actress Erin Krakow sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the upcoming season premiere of Hallmark Channel’s “When Calls the Heart.” The “Hearties” in the audience even brought posters of support for their favorite show and flowers for the star of the show. Erin talks about what it was like to shoot the big kiss from last season with actor Daniel Lissing. Erin assures the “Hearties” that there will be more kissing in the second season, but she also says there will be more drama!

Don't miss Erin in the two-hour season premiere of Hallmark Channel's original series "When Calls the Heart," Saturday, April 25th, 8/7c

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Pechoconut Cake - Home & Family

Pechoconut Cake

The Ambassador of Americana Charles Phoenix is in the Home & Family kitchen to make the ultimate dessert. Charles has been embracing his inner-Americana for years and has collected over 30,000 vintage slides throughout the years. Charles says it was collecting these slides that helped inspire him to start cooking in the kitchen!

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The Kym Fix

Kym Douglas Skypes with Kari Amundson from Highland Park, Illinois to talk about skin damage. Kari had eight months worth of colon cancer treatments that resulted in dry and red skin and had excessive wrinkles under the eyes. Kym gives her a basket of products and Kari is seeing massive improvements in just four days!

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Stephnie Weir Interview

Actress and comedienne Stephnie Weir talks about her new role on FX’s “The Comedians.” When it comes to inspirations, Stephnie says she idolized Madeline Kahn, Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore. The actress also talks about her time on MadTV and about the funny characters she created on the show. Stephnie plays a producer on her new comedy and stars alongside the comic great, Billy Crystal.

Don't miss Stephnie on FX's "The Comedians," Thursdays, 10/9c

Haircut Help for Kids - Home & Family

Haircut Help for Kids

Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe gives his haircut tips for kids. His main goal is to create a safe place for kids when they come in to get a haircut and to make a comfort zone. He suggests reading to your child while cutting their hair and talk to the kids about their concerns. Bringing a snack is another way to keep a kid occupied during their haircut.

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DIY Bathroom Updates - Home & Family

DIY Bathroom Updates

Christopher Grubb from Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc is ready to makeover the Home & Family bathroom. He repaints the vanity using sandpaper, primer and a semi-gloss paint. By framing your mirror, you create a budget-friendly new look. Wall sconces add depth and dimension to your bathroom. When it comes to trends, large wallpaper is hot right now.

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How to Grow Tomatoes - Home & Family

How to Grow Tomatoes

Shirley Bovshow breaks down the proper way to successfully grow tomatoes. Grafted tomatoes include favorite heirloom varieties. Always leave the graft union above soil level. When growing tomatoes, remove all the lower leaves, so you can bury the plant deep. A practical tomato should be at least six feet tall. When planting tall tomato plants, they should be in a 15 container or larger.

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Paddle Boarding as an Exercise

Laura Nativo and Debbie Matenopoulos meet up with world-champion paddle boarder Sean Poynter to take lessons. Paddle boarding serves as a great exercise, it works the full body and also helps with balance. Now you can experience a total surfing workout at home with Surf Set Fitness.

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Prepping your Bike for Spring

Owner of the Rolling Cowboys Bicycle Shop, Daniel Gellis talks to Mark and Cristina about how to prep your bike for spring. He suggests always storing your bike away from direct sun, wind water and other weather elements. Bike tires should be checked and the higher the air pressure, the less likely they are to get punctured. You can also use a nail file to even out your brake pads. It is also important to always clean out the gunk from the chain.

How to Preserve Your Clothing

Lawrence Zarian is back to talk about preserving clothes. He says you should eliminate moisture in your closet by hanging moisture satchels and this is the best way to eliminate moths that destroy clothes. It is also a great way to keep your closet smelling lovely. Lawrence also advises using spot and stain removers instead of constantly taking your clothes to the dry-cleaners.

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