How To Plant, Grow & Care For Begonias

Shirley Bovshow is showing how to grow Tuberous Begonias in a shade garden. It is the perfect go-to plant for your patio or deck.
How to Plant, Grow & Care for Begonias - Home & Family

Step 1: Is to Select A Healthy Bulb/Tuber:

  • Bigger is better
  • Not mushy or dry

Step 2: Pre-Seeding

Not A Mandatory Step, But Helpful to Grow These Faster!

  • Place the bag of tubers on top of a warm appliance like a refrigerator until you see little sprouts growing from the tuber.
  • Or, if you have a seedling heat mat like i do, place the bags inside a plastic container, and cut a slit in the bag so the tuber doesn’t cook in the bag!
  • In about a week when you see plant eyes, they are ready to plant!

Step 3: Starting Growth Indoors

  • Fill a 4” inch plastic container with moist potting soil and place the tuber, right side up. It should look like a ‘bowl.’
  • Set it in a warm room, cover it in a greenhouse dome, out of direct sunlight, and it will grow.
  • Keep checking that the soil doesn’t dry out.
  • When we see leaves emerging you can take all of your growing begonias and put them in your hanging basket. When there is no more frost outside you can hang it outside on the patio!

Step 4: Growing Outdoors

  • Find a shady spot
  • Dig a trench in your garden about 2 feet wide and 6” inches deep
  • Plant them 8 inches apart staggered.
  • Check that soil doesn’t dry out.
  • Plant when the weather is consistently 70ish degrees and you have no more predicted frost. If you start now you can see your plant grow with flowers in 3 months!

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