How To Make A Bucket Into A Bird House with Tanya Memme


  • 1 two size quart plastic bucket
  • 1 post topper & 2 craft round plates
  • 1 PVC cap
  • Hot glue & wood glue
  • Screw driver & screws
  • Box cutter- or knife
  • Wood dowel
  • Plastic primer paint & paint brush
  • Rope


  1. Cut a whole in bucket one inch above the bottom lip, no bigger than an inch and half wide. You can use box cutter to cut out the whole out.
  2. Glue PVC cap onto the post topper and secure it with a screw. Then glue on the PVC cap & post topper on one of the craft plates which will be the bottom of the bird house.
  3. Place plastic bucket on top of the craft plate you just glued together and then you wll create the roof of the bird house by gluing another craft plate on top.
  4. Glue on post topper on the top craft plate and for a decorative look glue on finial wood top.
  5. Paint and decorate to your desire, and you can add rope to the trim of bucket. Make sure to use plastic primer paint because the bucket is plastic.
  6. When dry, mount the bird house onto wood dowel and secure with small screw or glue place outside.

*This project can be done for under $50 dollars in under 3 hours!

DIY Bucket Birdhouse with Tanya Memme

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