Shirley Bovshow is giving you professional tips on how to care for radishes at home.


  • Radish seeds (loose or tape)
  • Tall container
  • Loose potting soil
  • Water
  • Optional: Plant lights
How to Grow Radishes - Home & Family


1. Fill a container with loose potting soil.

2. Make ½ inch deep furrow in the soil and place seeds in.

3. Cover it loosely with soil.

4. Pat down.

5. Water gently after planting.

6. If the radishes start sprouting close to each other, remove extras to create a space two inches between each radish.

Note: Don’t throw these away. You can eat them as radish sprouts!

7. Once radishes have emerged, place container in an area where there is 6+ hours of direct sunlight or use a plant light.

Note: If using a plant light, place the container 1-2 inches from the light. Raise the lights as the plants grow.

8. Follow your seed packet for harvest instructions or remove radishes when the tops of the radish are on top of the soil.

9. Enjoy!

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