How to Frame Your Photos for Hundreds Less

Mark Steines has some easy tips on how to save money framing your photos and shows you how to make your own frame at home.


  • MDF Board
  • “L” Brackets
  • 3/8” Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Mat Board
  • Plexiglas
  • Scoring Knife
  • Foam Core
  • Duct Tape or Gaffers Tape
  • Rail
  • Square
  • Router
  • Mitre Saw
  • Hanging Hardware

How to Frame Your Photos and Save Money - Home & Family


1. Use Router to cut 1/2” lip into inner back of MDF board
a. Cut to depth of Plexiglass, photo, and mat combined

2. Measure inside lip of MDF board length to size of mat and miter edges at 45% angle away from measurement

3. Lay out frame and trace “L” bracket in position. Use router to score “L” bracket shape
a. Cut to depth of “L” bracket plus screw heads

4. Wood glue “L” brackets and 45% mitered edges, screw into place
a. Repeat for each corner

5. Once assembled, paint frame with spray paint

6. Mark Plexiglas at dimension of inside lip of MDF board, score and cut
a. Do not remove Plexiglas covers until the very last moment

7. Cut mat board to size of inside lip of frame

8. Cut inner mat board frame to dimensions of photo
a. See Facebook page for detailed mat cutting instructions

9. Assemble, remove Plexiglas cover, attach foam core backboard with tape and hang

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