Shirley Bovshow is giving you tips on how to control aphids from destroying your plants.

1. The first step is to take a hose and blast the aphids off of the plant.

2. Next, wipe the Aphids off of the plant leaves on both sides and in the leaf crevices.

3. As an added protective measure, spray plants with a mixture of water, dish soap and Neem oil, the super, natural insecticide!

4. Neem oil is a natural oil from the seeds of the Neem tree that kills and repels insects like aphids.

5. Follow the directions on the bottle and mix with water and some dish soap, which helps it stick longer to the plants after spraying. Neem oil is not toxic to beneficial insects, humans or pets

6. Spray the top of the leaves, underneath, in the crevices, along the stems and in the soil.

7. Spray after watering your plant.

8. Repeat application in 10 days.

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