Monday, August 6th (Previously Aired June 4th, 2018)

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DIY Lace Photo Backdrop - Home & Family

DIY Lace Photo Backdrop

Ken Wingard and Maria Provenzano are celebrating Hallmark Channel’s June Weddings with this DIY, a lace photo backdrop.

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Heirloom Tomato, Peach, and Stracciatella - Home & Family

Heirloom Tomato, Peach and Stracciatella

Partner of “Georgie,” “The Lambs Club,” and “Point Royal,” Geoffrey Zakarian is in the kitchen making a summertime treat of heirloom tomato, peach and stracciatella. The Iron Chef also shows you how to make your own salad dressing using the leftover tomato juice, seeds, and skin. To thicken the dressing, he recommends using basil seeds.

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Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy sits down with Debbie and James to talk about being a judge on Fox’s “So You Can Think You Can Dance.” The dance competition show has its season 15 season premiere tonight at 8/7c. She says her favorite part of the show is following the dancers' journeys.

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How to Control Aphids

Shirley Bovshow is giving you tips on how to control aphids, which cause damage by sucking out the sugar from plants. She makes her own solution using Neem oil, water and dish soap, which acts as a natural insecticide to protect your plants.

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Bubble Gum Cake - Home & Family

Bubblegum Cake

Host of “Baking with Blondie,” Mary Merriman is making a fun bubblegum cake using white and pink batter. To avoid a mess, frost the cake while the layers are cold. Make sure to add the sprinkles on top of the cake while the ganache is still wet so they will stick.

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Lauren Bushnell

TV personality and blogger, Lauren Bushnell is introducing you to her must-have beauty products like Neutrogena Moisturizer, CC Cream “IT” Cosmetics and L’Oreal Mascara.

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DIY Oversized Beach Towels - Home & Family

DIY Oversized Beach/Pool Towels

Orly Shani is getting you ready for summertime with this DIY oversized beach/pool towels. To attach the letters to the towels, use fabric glue. The best part is that the towels are machine washable so you can use as often as you want!

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Wedding Planning 101 - Home & Family

Wedding Planning 101

Paige Hemmis breaks down how to stay organized during wedding planning frenzy. She knows a thing or two about planning your own wedding and says the key is to make sure you have your priorities down like the date, budget, theme, venue, guests, dress, cake, food, flowers and music.


2. Start a Binder or a folder.
3. Get a big calendar and mark your key dates.
4. Carry a checklist clipboard wherever you go (optional).
5. Always carry sticky notes to jot down ideas and immediately transfer to your wedding folder.

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The Alberti Twins' Stromboli - Home & Family


The Alberti Twins, Tony and Albert from the YouTube cooking show, “Cooking At Home with The Alberti Twins,” are in the kitchen making an Italian favorite, stromboli. The brothers talk about inheriting their love for cooking from their nonna. The secret to their stromboli is adding sage to add more flavor to the sauce.

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Happy Tails

Larissa Wohl continues to bring you heartwarming stories of animal rescues. Today she is highlighting Eriko Jackson and his rescue dog, Cici.