Beauty expert Ami Desai is giving you the hottest hair looks for summer!

Hot Summer Hair - Home & Family

1. Add a heat protectant spray on dry hair and part the way you want your hair to sit
2. Use 3-pronged waver and start near roots and slowly clamp down a section at a time until you’ve reached the ends
3. Brush our curls for mega old school waves or set with a light hairspray or shine spray
add an accessory to really make this fancy
1. Put hair into a ponytail leaving out any face fringe if you want
2. Separate hair into 3 sections as you would any braid
3. Start with middle section and separate that into 2 parts and twist. Pull out to make it look big and secure with an elastic. Repeat on other 2 sections and then combine by braiding them all together.
add texture spray to really help hold the volume

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