Holiday Mixed Faiths Table Runner

A DIY From Orly Shani.


Place gelt onto gold cardstock and make sure coins fit properly before you glue on. Once it is set use Yes glue to paste gelt down. Repeat that step on all the card stocks you decide to use for table runner. We used 3 pieces of 11×14 cardstock, but you can customize the size of the paper and the length of the base for your own table. You can also this as placemats instead of a table runner.


Many people have burlap but if you don’t you can go to Michael’s and buy some. I have burlap that is neutral and red burlap for Christmas. First cut to burlap to the size of your table. Make sure that the red burlap is longer in size because we are adding volume to this runner and will need more or the red burlap.


Place the neutral burlap down first, place the red burlap over and cut a slit in the center to add ribbon. Fold over the red burlap and add volume like waves down the entire table runner. The ribbon will be holding the burlaps together.

DIY Holiday Table Runner - Home & Family

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