Lisa Vanderpump Interview

Lisa Vanderpump of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and “Vanderpump Rules” stops by to talk to Mark and Cristina. Lisa opens up about her marriage to Ken Todd, and shares that for his 70th birthday she bought him two miniature horses that live on her property. She also gives Home & Family a sneak preview of what fans can expect in the new season of “Real Housewives,” which premieres tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

Ann Romney Cooks - Home & Family

Ann Romney Visits

Ann Romney returns to the Home & Family kitchen to prepare Chili Bianco. She also talks about having 23 grandchildren and Mark wants to know her tricks for memorizing all their names and she says: cue cards. After cooking her healthy dish, Ann sits down and talks to Mark and Cristina about her Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases and about her cookbooks, where the proceeds go to benefit the center.

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Natalie Morales Interview

Actress Natalie Morales visits Home & Family to talk about her Fox comedy, “The Grinder,” which airs Tuesdays, 8:30/7:30c. She jokes that it is hard to act like she has to resist Rob Lowe’s character when in real life, the actor is so handsome and charming. She also hints at some major plot turns coming up this season in the show.

DIY Holiday Table Runner - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Table Runner

Orly Shani is here to show you how to create your own mixed faith holiday table runner. She encourages you to use a neutral and red color burlap. If you want to create more design flare, fray the sides of the burlap, as well.

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Holiday Hacks

Kym Douglas and Matt Rogers team up to show you some ways to make your life simpler this holiday season. Kym cuts corn using a bundt pan, so it keeps the corn in place after slicing off the cob. Meanwhile, Matt creates a customized to-go container for your guests who come over for holiday dinners. Finally, Kym shows you how to use bread to keep your cake moist after you have sliced into it.

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Welcoming Holiday Guests - Home & Family

Tips for Welcoming Holiday Guests

Cristina shows how easy it is to create a welcoming basket for your guests in town staying with you for the holidays. This includes snacks, bottled beverages and reading materials. She also loves Airwick candles, oils and sprays to help make your home feel extra special.

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DIY Rustic Reindeer Art - Home & Family

Carved Reindeer

Ken Wingard is in the backyard showing you how to create your own carved reindeer, perfect for the holidays! He encourages viewers at home to have the hardware store pre-cut the wood ahead of time to save you on time. This entire DIY will end up costing you only $15, but leave your house feeling extra festive this Christmas!

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Holiday Cleanse - Home & Family

Holiday Cleanse

Sophie Uliano is back in the kitchen showing you how to make a cleanse juice that serves as the perfect breakfast food. The juice is liver cleansing and refreshing all at once. This juice also will give you more energy and prevent overeating. She then prepares a Coconut Quinoa Porridge which has a huge shot of protein without the cholesterol.

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