Growing & Cutting Alstroemeria Flowers

Learn the basics about growing and caring for Alstroemeria flowers from Shirley Bovshow.

Growing & Cutting Alstroemeria Flowers - Home & Family

Alstroemerias need full sun to flower but appreciate partial shade in the hottest climates. We are planting this Alstroemeria in soil that has a slightly acidic PH and is very well draining.
Gently open the root ball. You can see that this plant grows from a type of bulb called a rhizome which multiplies and helps the plant to spread.
Water the alstroemeria well after planting and then maintain an evenly moist soil at all times for best flower production. This is the most important care detail- it will grow like a weed

1. Dig hole
2. Use acidic soil
3. Good drainage
4. Open root ball
5. Insert plant in hole
6. Close hole
7. Water well
8. Keep moist

They are evergreen and perennial plants, flowering from spring to late summer. In mild winter areas, plant them in the ground. Cold climate gardeners can grow Alstroemerias in containers and take them indoors during the winter.


1. To cut the flower, don’t cut it, pull it out of the ground! You will see parts of the rhizome at the bottom of the stem. That's ok. It will prompt the plant to grow more stems!
2. Multiple flowers will develop at the top of the stem. For long-lasting cut flowers, select stems that have an open flower and the rest, in the bud stage.
3. Remove all the leaves along the stem by gently pulling and leave the top leaves, they help the cut flower pull up water from the vase. The top leaves are actually twisted and provide greenery between the flowers.
4. Measure your flowers where you want them to sit in the vase. The flowers can stand a couple of inches above the rim, or whatever works for your design.
5. Cut the bottom of the stem at an angle, and, dip it for a few seconds in a hydrating solution, like quick dip, available at a floral supply store.
6. Place in a vase with warm water with if you want to speed up opening flowers!

1. Do not display the flowers in full sun outdoors, they will wilt.
2. Change water every 2 days, and recut the stems
3. Remove stems with dead flowers as you see them as they can cause other flowers to degrade.

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