Friday, June 28th, 2019

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Becca Tobin & Ryan Rottman talk "Sister of the Bride" - Home & Family

Becca Tobin & Ryan Rottman
Hallmark stars Becca Tobin and Ryan Rottman stop by to talk about their new original Hallmark Channel movies, “Sister of the Bride,” which premieres Saturday, June 29 at 9pm/8c. They discuss their characters in the movie, filming in Palm Springs, and working with Michael Gross.

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Cedar Plank Grilled Mustard Salmon - Home & Family

Cedar Plank Grilled Mustard Salmon
Chef Judy Joo stops by with a solution that makes it easier and tastier than ever to grill salmon this summer. She recommends soaking the cedar plank in water, apple juice, beer, or wine for at least an hour to infuse more flavor. This will also help prevent your plank from catching fire.

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DIY Dual Ping Pong Table - Home & Family

DIY Ping Pong Table
Orly Shani shows you how you can serve family dinner and play a game of ping pong all on the same table. She recommends using Spar Urethane for outdoor furniture to give it some shine and protect it from moisture and mildew.

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Growing & Cutting Alstroemeria Flowers - Home & Family

Growing & Cutting Alstroemeria Flowers
Shirley Bovshow shows you how to grow and cut beautiful Alstroemeria flowers. If you live in colder climates, Shirley suggests planting the flowers in a container so you can take it inside during the winter. She also adds that this is a plant that requires moist soil at all times.

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Summer Craft Tool Review
Ken Wingard tests out and reviews some crafting tools to see if they really work. Tools he reviews include laser scissors, a stencil leveler, and a desktop vacuum cleaner.

#1: Laser Guided Scissors
#2: Clip-on Stencil Level
#3: Mini Desktop Vacuum Dust Cleaner

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Red, White & Blue Cake - Home & Family

Red, White, & Blue Cake
Kimberly Bailey of The Butter End Cakery shows you how to make a deliciously patriotic 4th of July cake. Kimberly suggests freezing the cake in the pan to get it really cold, then de-panning it and using a serrated knife for a clean cut and to prevent the cake from falling apart.

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Summer Fashion Fixes
Lawrence Zarian shows you how to look your summer best. He recommends using flowy and lightweight fabrics for the hot weather. For outdoor heat to indoor cool, espadrilles sandals are the perfect choice for a summer shoe with extra fabric. Lawrence also adds, when layering for the summer, start with a basic foundation like a jumpsuit.

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DIY Felt Ice Skate Garland
Inspired by the original Hallmark Channel movie, “Christmas at the Palace,” Maria Provenzano shows you how to create a fun and festive DIY ice skate garland. She suggests using chalk to trace the template in case you make a mistake you can easily adjust it.

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Texas Chili with Cornbread Crust
Actor Matt Barr joins Debbie in the kitchen to make a delicious chili dish. Debbie suggests preparing the cornbread mixture an hour before serving. While cooking Matt discusses his tv show, “Blood & Treasure” and describes doing most of his stunts while filming.

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