Shirley Bovshow how easy it is to create your own custom cacti.


  • Clean sharp slicing tools
  • Rubbing alcohol to sterilize tools
  • Leather gloves - we are working with Cacti
  • Tweezers, Tongs or Chopsticks
  • Rubber Bands
  • Root Stock Cactus (Bottom)
  • Scion Cactus (Top)


  1. Sterilize tools using rubbing alcohol.
  2. Take an even slice from the bottom Root Stock Cactus like a Columnar Cactus.
  3. Next we take cut a baby piece from the top or Scion.
  4. Look at your slices – you can see rings inside, and those are the veins of the plant.
  5. Line them up so that the vascular systems of each cactus will fuse together
  6. Put the two pieces together, and then using a rubber-band secure them in place.
  7. Cover them up with a plastic bottle to keep them moist and leave them in a room without direct sunlight for 2 weeks.
  8. After the two-week period the plants have fused and can be moved into your sunroom or garden and cared for them as you would with any other cactus!

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