Beauty expert Ami Desai is showing you how to put together some fun holiday hairstyles.


Look 1: Curls & Pins:

1. Curl your hair all around
2. Part your hair to how you like it
3. Then tease the crown of your head a bit
4. Spray a little hair spray
5. Pull your hair back & put in pins for a loose secure
6. Take your jazzy pins & out in a criss cross design around the back

If You Would Like To Do A Star Design:
1. Take your hair & part it on the side a bit
2. Pull one side back & pin down with pins creating a star shape

Look 2: Quick Updo:

1. Separate 2 front pieces on each side of your face & push to the front
2. Take the crown part of your hair & tease it for a volume bump
3. Take 2 pins & fluff up your hair & criss cross it to give you a little volume
4. Then take the back piece & put in a bun & pin in for security
5. Then take one front piece & twist it all the way to the back & pin it over your bun
6. Do the same for the other side
7. Pull out little front pieces for messy look
8. Ta-Da!

Look 3: Curls & accessories:

1. Spray your hair with some volume spray
2. Take a curling iron & start to curl your hair in layers for a good full effect
3. Take a comb & tease hair along the forehead line for volume
4. Take a piece of ribbon & tie around your head
5. If you like to use the ribbon an alternative way tie it around a scrunchie & then pull hair back into a ponytail with the ribbon/scrunchie

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