Tanya Memme shows you how to make your own trendy jewelry.


  • Milk glass glue sticks
  • Mod molds
  • Small High temp glue gun
  • Silver chain
  • Jump ring


1) With your high temp glue gun insert the milk glass glue stick and wait until it gets very hot.


2) The glue should easily flow out of the gun and not be clumpy or stiff.


3) Fill your mold slowly and carefully starting around the edges. Slowly filling in the details along the edges then move toward the center until filled to the top. Do not over fill!


4) Let the filled mold sit for about 5-10 mins and pop out when dry.


5) Take a metal back plate or a jump ring and glue it to to back of the embellishment with the hole sticking up out of the top. If using a jump ring, only glue half of the ring onto the back top edge with enough of a loop sticking up to string a necklace through.


6) You must use metal or jewelry glue only. Do not use the glue gun or you will melt your perfect embellishment!


7) Once that dries, connect with another jump ring and then string it on a necklace.





You can also use these embellishments for all kinds of other things! To decorate boxes, wine corks, clothes pins, picture frames and much more!!

Tanya Memme's DIY Milk Glass

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