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Fall Harvest Floral Centerpiece

Fall Harvest Floral Centerpiece

Floral expert Amy Marella is preparing a fall-themed centerpiece for the table.
  • Wood box
  • Plastic liner
  • Oasis foam
  • Glue gun

1. Line the wood box with the plastic liner
2. Glue down the liner
3. Insert the “pre soaked” oasis into the wood box
4. Fill with water

1. Get all your fall leaves organized and ready to insert
· Magnolia tips – insert
· Maple leaves
· Seeded eucalyptus
· Viburnum berry

This is your base of the arrangement

1. Get your flowers ready.
· We are going to be using mini button mums to make our posies.
· You will need clippers and twine for the posies.
2. Clip the button mum’s into smaller stems so they are easier to gather into a bouquet.
3. You are going to group the same color button mums together make a nice small floral posy.
4. Ok now, wrap your posy with twine.
5. Continue this process with each color button mum until you have enough posies to your liking.
6. Trim each posy and insert into the arrangement.

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