Floral design expert, Amy Marella is creating the perfect floral basket for Easter.


  • Basket
  • Oasis flower foam
  • Spool wire
  • Cutting clippers for flowers & wire
  • Plastic lining
  • Hot glue gun
Easter Basket Flower Arrangements - Home & Family

Directions for Handle:

1. Use Curly Willow, Ivy, Jasmine & Heather will be used for the Floral Handle.

2. Curly Willow * insert into the oasis and use spool wire to attach to the handle of the basket until the basket handle is covered

3. Heather * insert the heather into the oasis around the handle edge, start to wrap with spool wire so it conforms to the shape of the handle continue adding the heather until you have a "heather" trimmed basket handle

4. Insert the ivy to the oasis - and start to weave the ivy around the basket handle

5. Repeat with another piece of ivy until you have a good ivy coverage over the handle

6. Wrap ivy & curly willow around handle from both ends and tie with spool wire in the center

Directions for Basket:

1. Clean and prep your basket so it will hold oasis.

2. Make sure to soak it with water and it’s saturated before you place it inside the basket.

3. Cut plastic lining and make sure it covers the entire inside of the basket.

4. . Use hot glue to hold lining inside basket and use all around.

5.. Once glue dries add the soaked oasis inside.

6. Cut your springtime blooms, make sure to group your blooms in clusters into the basket.
When cutting wood stems make sure to tear off stem and bang the ripped off stem so it can
absorb water.

7. Use a watering can to thoroughly water the center of the basket

*Make sure all plants are inserted into the oasis

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