Shirley Bovshow and Laura Nativo team up for this DIY!


  • 4’ Dog Pool ($10)
  • Black poly pond liner ($20)
  • 2 bags gravel ($7)
  • 4 Cement pavers ($8)
  • 2 bags sand ($5)
  • 50 lb. bulk kitty litter ($16)
  • 48”-inch patio umbrella with base ($30)
  • 3 feet of 4-inch pvc pipe ($1)
  • Edging ($4)


Lay pond liner along bottom and sides of pool.

Place umbrella base; slip pole through pre-cut pvc pipe & place into umbrella stand

Add bags of gravel (2-3” layer of gravel)

Add 2-3” sand over gravel and tamp

Place stepping stones from entrance and around the pee pole

Fill with kitty litter around stones (3" layer)

Cut liner around pool edge

Add edging

Add plants around pool for privacy & screening

Optional: add more cement pavers for steps leading into pool.


Train dog to use potty pool

Pee and waste will clump in kitty litter; remove daily


Monthly care: 

Wash pee poll

Change kitty litter

Plants provided by Green Thumb Nursery:

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