Step 1 – Main Sides:

Measure and cut side pieces using mitre saw. First Cut out a rectangle:
5.5" W    x    9” H

Next, realign the pieces and cut on approx _45_ deg angle (To create an A shaped side) starting approximately 1/3rd of the way up the rectangle. Do this on both sides of the triangle so complete the ‘A’ shape.

Repeat process for the other sidepiece.

Step 2 – Cross races

Cut 6 Lathing pieces: (Front / Back + Bottom) 9” Long

OPTIONAL: Use a jigsaw to make a cutout in the handle piece to act as a finger/hand  hold

Step 3 – Handle:

Drill ½” Holes at tops of angled sides.
Cut ½” Dowel at 9 ¼” to span box and insert into holes and glue in place.

Step 4 – Assembly:

Using wood glue, a brad nailer / finish nailer, a hammer and finish nails or a drill and drywall screws:

1.    Set the base plate flat on the ground / bench
2.    Hold one of the main sides perpendicular to the base, with the base centered between and attach, then repeat for the other side
3.    Slide the center divider between the main sides, dead center and attach
4.    Hold a smaller cross brace piece in position outside of the base plate and attach, then repeat for the other side.
5.    Insert the cross dividers space evenly between the main sides and attach from outside the cross brace, then repeat for the other side
6.    Attach the larger cross braces by nailing from the outside into the cross dividers, also attach from outside the main sides
7.    Attach the handle from outside the main sides right at the top

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