Spruce up your tabletop.


  • Table
  • Paint (optional)
  • Pre-cut piece of zinc (needs to be big enough to cover top AND apron)
  • Cabinet clamps
  • Liquid nails
  • Hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Galvanized nail heads
  • Copper Sulfate spray
  • Steel wool
  • Furniture paste wax/bees wax

STEP 1: Paint the table legs

STEP 2: Lay the zinc sheet on top of the table and clamp it. Then fold the sides down (like you’re wrapping a present). Pick the piece of zinc up and apply liquid nails onto the tabletop and table apron. Put the sheet back down and clamp it using some cabinet clamps on 2x4s.

STEP 3: Hammer down on the zinc tabletop (this gives it a cool, beat up, weathered look)


STEP 4: Sand down the table  (220 or 320 grit works)


STEP 5: Hammer in some galvanized nail heads (this holds down the zinc AND makes it look cool)


STEP 6: Spray the whole top with copper sulfate (watch it darken)


STEP 7: Use steel wool to knock back some of the dark to get the color where you want it

DIY Zinc Tabletop - Home & Family

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