Egypt Sherrod Advice

Egypt Sherrod of HGTV’s “Property Virgins” gives Home & Family tips for buying a house. Her show helps someone buy their first house and Egypt says the first steps should be to start early and do your homework then find a loan specialist and establish your purchase power. She thinks you should make a check list of what you are looking for before you start your search. She also wants first time buyers to not get distracted by the wow factor and to stick to the plan.  Egypt also has a new book out, "Keep Calm... It's Just real Estate."

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Fresh Salmon Gefilte Fish Loaf - Home & Family

Fresh Salmon Gefilte Fish Loaf

The Kosher Baker Paula Shover joins Cristina to cook up a Fresh Salmon Gefilte Fish Loaf just in time for Passover. The Jewish holiday lasts eight days and celebrates the exodus of Israelites from slavery. A traditional Seder plate displays symbolic food items. Paula usually has up to 20 people over at her house for the holiday and makes sure to have plenty of fish loaf to go around.

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Paige & Jason's Wedding - DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

Bride-to-be Paige Hemmis teams up with Debbie to make her wedding invitations. Paige recommends knowing your wedding theme before creating your invites and make sure to send them out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Paige shares that her own wedding theme is elegant rustic chic and describes it like a tomboy in a dress. She even created a video message to send out to her invited guests telling her and Jason’s love story. Paige and Jason's wedding will air on the Hallmark Channel on June 22nd, 8/7c.

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A Day in the Life of a Weatherman

Ever want to know what it is like to be a weatherman? Fox 11 Meteorologist Pablo Pereira talks about how weather has become the most popular part of news reports. Pablo opens up about the process of reporting the weather and says weather forecasting is the most accurate up to 72 hours. After giving his lessons to Mark and Cristina, he has each one of them deliver a weather report.

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Rebecca Budig's Return to Daytime - Home & Family

The Return to Daytime

Actress Rebecca Budig sits down with Home & Family to talk about her return to daytime television by joining the soap opera, “General Hospital.” Before the interview even takes place Rebecca’s dog, Woody is invited to sit in on the interview. Rebecca talks about her new character Hayden Barnes, a woman of mystery. She even brings a clip from the show for Mark and Cristina to enjoy but won’t reveal too much about the storyline. We have tune in and find out how the storyline will unravel!

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Over 40 Make-Up Tips

Kym Douglas talks to Mark, Cristina and Egypt about some great and helpful over 40 make-up tips. Kym advises that creamy foundations and blushes are good for dry skin and says t avoid powders that can cake into the skin. Avoid dark lipsticks and go easy on lip liner. Don’t overuse eye concealer and avoid eye shadow unless you are using a soft neutral color.

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DIY Zinc Tabletop - Home & Family

DIY Zinc Tabletop

Designer Dan Kucan shows Home & Family how to make their own zinc tabletop! By beating the zinc tabletop with a hammer, you create a rich texture. The benefit of using zinc is that it is stain-resistant and requires almost no maintenance.

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Adopting a Rabbit - Home & Family

Adopting a Rabbit

With Easter right around the corner, Laura Nativo addresses the issue of parents getting bunnies for their children. She emphasizes that a rabbit is an 8-12 year commitment and require a lot of time. If you are looking for a bunny, Laura advises that you should definitely adopt one at your local shelter instead of buying one and make sure they are neutered and spayed. Bunnies can live off hay and only being giving carrots as a reward.

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